Apply to the PhD Fellowship

Students looking to join the DTAIS program in the following academic year will apply for a PhD in either Computer Science or Systems Engineering. Most students will enter with an MS in a relevant STEM field, but we will also review applications from students holding a BS provided they demonstrate potential for success in the program and meet the admission requirements of their respective department. In the course of the program, students will work with a faculty advisor to produce their dissertation, but students need not have an advisor in mind when applying. You’re encouraged to review our faculty page and establish a connection with any faculty you’re excited to work with, but students who are admitted without an advisor in mind will work with us to identify one over time.

In addition to your program’s page, please review the SEAS Doctoral Admissions page for application deadlines, FAQs and documents that you will be required to provide. During the standard application process, you will be asked to submit an additional two-page essay explaining your interest in the program. Your essay should address the following:

  • Why you are interested in joining DTAIS
  • How your research interests are “aligned” with DTAIS (e.g. how they would address AI/ML, work systems design, the future of work, etc.)
  • How participating in DTAIS will enable you to advance your future research

The application process is the same for both funded and unfunded fellows. As a reminder, US nationals and international students alike are encouraged to apply, but only US citizens are eligible for NSF funding in the second year.

Before applying, please review all of our webpages to get a better sense of the structure of the NRT, our faculty, specific requirements you’re expected to satisfy and the expectations we have for incoming students.  Questions regarding graduate admissions can be directed to [email protected]. Send any questions regarding NRT-specific requirements to [email protected] or to DTAIS program coordinator Cody Dunn at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!