Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly prevalent in society, including in our work systems. In the current environment, where innovation frequently outpaces regulation, these technologies have the potential to transform labor for better and for worse. GW’s Co-Design of Trustworthy AI Systems (DTAIS) program is preparing the next generation of scholars to conduct interdisciplinary research at the intersection of computer science and systems engineering. Our students are trained to assess these emerging technologies in the contexts in which they’re used and to consider socio-technical questions of ethics, policy, trust and bias at every stage of design. They leave DTAIS prepared to lead cutting-edge research projects and communicate complex findings to experts and laymen alike.

DTAIS is an NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) administered by the GW departments of Computer Science and Engineering Management and Systems Engineering. Our NSF funding allows us to support full-time PhD students pursuing critical research that lies outside the bounds of traditional disciplines. At the same time, DTAIS remains committed to innovative modes of instruction, interdisciplinary education and broadening STEM education to communities typically excluded from participation. DTAIS also offers a Graduate Certificate in Trustworthy AI for Decision-Making Systems designed to provide professionals and graduate students with the skills they need to address questions in the AI space and lead initiatives at their organizations.

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